What Are The Benefits Of Yoga?

The culture of yoga has so much appeal that very few Americans have not considered enrolling in classes or practicing in independent settings. There are many types of yoga but the benefits an each type offers different discipline. As a whole, yoga offers some of the most important physical, mental emotional and psychological health and wellness benefits of any aerobic or fitness program.

Yoga students are passionate about their lessons. The positive attitude and empowerment provided by yoga is unmistakable.

Increased Flexibility – One noticeable benefit of yoga is increased flexibility. If your muscles are tired and stiff, yoga will stretch them and allow you to achieve more movement with greater ease. WebMD reports that yoga practitioners improved their flexibility up to 35 percent after only 8 weeks. That means practitioners can perform more work with less strain. The muscles are ready to perform whenever needed.

Yoga For Added Strength – Certain types of yoga, like Ashtanga and power yoga place emphasis on physical strength. Other types, like Iyengar and Hatha combine strength and endurance, a happy combination for most followers.

Many yoga poses require strength to maintain. Positions like downward dog, upward dog and the plank pose focus on upper body strength. Standing, vertical poses place emphasis on the hamstrings, quadriceps and abs. Upward dog and the chair pose are excellent for building strength in your back muscles. If you seek to build strength in your core and deep abdominal muscles, just about all yoga poses can help.

Many non-yoga practitioners are skeptical about the strength benefit but as soon as they take a few classes realize why these fitness classes are so effective.

Improving Posture – One of the advantages of building your core is that your posture improves. A stronger core can support and maintain good posture. The world and life seems more positive when you sit and stand more erectly.

Along with improving your posture, yoga practitioners report that they are more aware of their body. They automatically are attuned to proper body positioning. After a few classes, students catch themselves slumping and adjust their positioning to a healthier stance. Poor posture can lead to a number of sins just as good posture leads to better health, breathing and circulation.

Breathing – One of the concentrations of yoga is improved breathing which is achieved with specific exercises designed to improve breathing technique. This offers an array of health benefits. Many of us have poor breathing technique that becomes a bad habit. It is amazing how good breathing technique protects us and allows us to enjoy life with reduced resistance.

Lower Blood Pressure – Yoga is outstanding for helping to reduce blood pressure. Many physicians recommend yoga to patients fighting high blood pressure. A slower heart rate helps patients who struggle with blood pressure and who have suffered one or more strokes. Another way yoga can help the heart is by reducing cholesterol and boosting the immune system. For patients with heart disease, consult your cardiologist before enrolling but chances are good they will be supportive of this exercise.

Stress and Anxiety – Yoga practitioners tend to live with less stress and less anxiety than non-yoga practitioners. Yoga allows the student to concentrate on positive aspects of the body, and mind, such as good breathing, good posture, more flexibility. With every position, practitioners can feel stress relief, relief from anxiety and is aware that a certain calm is overtaking the body and mind. It is this combination of traits and benefits that has filled yoga classrooms across the country. Discover yoga and more peaceful way of life today!