How to Choose Athletic Footwear

A nice new pair of athletic shoes is an investment that consumers expect to last a while. They also need to protect the health of the wearer with a smart, ergonomic design that prevents shin splints and other injuries even during vigorous exercise. With all the new technology and gimmicky advertising out there, it can be difficult to choose the proper shoe, but with a few simple tips, anyone can become a master.

Don’t Look for A Multi-tasker

When looking for shoes that meet different needs like running, walking, hiking, or sports activity, it is almost always best to choose an individual pair of shoes for each task rather than trying to make one pair perform all of these duties. With specialized shoes, the wearer will be able to reap all the benefits of a design that completely supports the activity they’re taking part in rather than one that is mediocre at a number of different activities.

Fit the Foot

Everyone’s feet come in slightly different shapes and sizes with their own issues to be addressed. Low arches, flat feet, over or under pronation, and many other factors can all dictate the type of shoe that is appropriate. Examining the wear on an old pair of shoes can help shed some light on foot shape and pronation problems. Most major brands have a line of athletic shoes available to fit, support and correct all of these conditions.

Measure Frequently

Shoe size can change in adulthood, and more frequently than most people expect. That’s why it’s important to always measure feet carefully before buying a new pair of shoes to ensure proper sizing, especially when buying online. However, it can still be tricky to find a proper fit since sizes can vary from brand to brand. Knowing the foot’s measurement will enable the customer to compare to a size chart for each brand and find the right fit for them.

Shop At the End of the Day

When shopping for athletic shoes in person, it is preferable to go toward the end of the day. This is because the feet naturally swell over the course of a day, the way they would when engaging in strenuous athletic activity. Going at the end of the day helps ensure a good fit while the feet are in this larger state. Also be sure to wear the socks that will regularly be worn with the shoes while exercising, once again to ensure a proper fit.

No Such Thing As Breaking In

If athletic shoes don’t feel comfortable when being tried on in the store, it is unlikely that they will ever become entirely comfortable. The shoes should feel comfortable right away, and customers should never count on breaking them in over the course of time. The truth is that time and wear will only degrade the materials, making them less and less comfortable.

These simple tips are enough to prepare any consumer to choose the right athletic shoe for them. Just remember to take all the time that is necessary, ensure a proper and comfortable fit, and get out there and enjoy those new shoes!