Top Reasons to Shop at Consignment Stores

Consignment shops have seen a surge in popularity recently, with more and more stores popping up both in brick-and-mortar locations and online. The public seems to have finally recognized how great it is to get gently used name brand clothing at deep discounts, or to make money just from cleaning out the closet. If anyone out there still needs convincing, they’ve come to the right place!

Great Selection

Thrift stores may have a bit of a bad reputation for selling worn out hand-me-downs, but consignment shops are in a league of their own. Since consignment stores are paying people for the clothes they bring in, whereas thrift shops operate on donations, they must be more discerning about the items they accept. Most consignment shops have a policy that explicitly states that they only buy gently used, brand name merchandise. If it’s not likely to sell quickly or is damaged in some way, they have no incentive to buy it in the first place!

Constantly Updated Inventory

Each time you visit any given consignment shop, the inventory is more than likely to be completely different. Because of the nature of consignment, i.e. buying pieces from individuals, you never know what you may find! Consignment shops are often a great place to find unique treasures or discontinued items from your favorite brands. Sometimes it can be fun to take a trip just to see all the interesting, eclectic things they have on display!

Maximum Bang per Buck

The clothes and accessories at consignment shops are often like new, but you’re still only paying a fraction of the price! Often, items can be found never worn with tags still attached, which makes sense considering how many people take a shopping trip only to shove the clothes they bought into the back of the closet unworn for years until they eventually sell them off to a consignment shop! Shopping this way helps customers get the same quality they would expect from department stores but with a much lower price tag. That’s just smart shopping!

Environmentally Friendly

Reuse is the first step on the road to environmental sustainability. By finding new life for the perfectly good clothes others no longer need, consignment shoppers are both keeping items out of the landfills and reducing the demand for manufacturers to produce more goods. That is a huge energy savings for such a simple choice! So, at no cost to themselves, consignment store shoppers are saving items from the landfill, saving the energy required to produce and transport new goods, stimulating the local economy, and getting a cute, cheap outfit out of the deal to boot! The real question is, is there any reason not to shop at consignment shops?

Consignment shops are good for the customer, good for the clients, good for the local economies, and good for the environment. They sell new and like new brand name clothing and accessories at a fraction of the price of department stores. And, they even pay clients for the clothes they no longer want! What could be better than that?