Safest Types of Cars for New Drivers

Time has proven and confirmed that new drivers will often need every advantage they can get to be proficient on the road. One of these possible advantages is the vehicle type that he or she chooses. While an automatic is admittedly the best transmission type for a new driver to start with, several individual brands and types of cars offer an additional ease of driving and according safety. Let’s take a look at the safest types of cars for new drivers!

2013 Volkswagen Golf 2.5

Despite the recent emission scandal, the reality is that Volkswagen makes vehicles that many love to drive. Among these vehicles is the 2013 Golf 2.5. With an easy-to-handle nature, wide variety of optional features, a generally sophisticated and modern look and feel, and an engine designed for durability and performance, it’s no surprise that the Volkswagen Golf 2.5 is so widely acclaimed. The new driver will almost certainly enjoy all of these modern features, as well as the price tag; for around $20,000 new, the vehicle is comparatively bargain-like—especially when its likely long life is considered.

1997 Saturn S-Series

On the other side of the price spectrum, budget-minded drivers won’t be sacrificing much (if anything) in terms of overall quality and value with the 1997 Saturn. On the contrary, the affordable (often around $1500) vehicle offers an absolutely outstanding value for multiple reasons. First, the generally durable nature of this vehicle will assure that it is enjoyed for many years to come. As its body is made largely out of plastic, rust won’t be a problem, and the internal engine components are equally as durability minded. Next, the car is easy to handle and operate, and will certainly improve the safety of new drivers. For all of the souped-up new vehicles designed to protect drivers, the truth is that the most definitive way to guarantee safety is to allow drivers to operate vehicles which are safe and easy to control—and the ’97 Saturn offers just that. Finally, the vehicle is safe in regards to new drivers’ likely tight budgets, as it gets great gas mileage! Overall, the 1997 Saturn S- Series is a safe and affordable vehicle for new, budget-minded drivers to purchase.

Honda Civic

As the intermediate between the two price points, the Honda Civic tows the price line well—without skimping on driver safety. Boasting similarly awesome gas mileage, a sizable number of optional features, a modern and slick look and feel, pronounced safety features, and impressive handing, the Civic is one of the safest cars around for new drivers. At right around $15,000, the safety and the value of the Honda Civic are impressive.

The above types of vehicles are absolutely some of the safest around for new drivers. Additionally, each well-made vehicle has a specific price point which may be more realistic for different drivers, depending on his or her financial (and otherwise) situation. Moreover, all of the safety features in the world won’t protect a reckless and inattentive driver; be sure to drive carefully and safely!