Smoking Versus Vaping

Technology has improved the life of humans in many ways. However, it is also responsible for various inventions, which cause negative impact on them. We are referring to the intoxication methods that degrade the capabilities of those who smoke, drink, do drugs and inhale harmful chemicals. The intake of these chemicals triggers the anti-stress hormones in human body, which provide an immense feeling of relaxation. These unnatural changes in hormones are bad for human body. There are no pros of smoking, but people still smoke to satisfy their craving for relaxation. To help people quit smoking, researchers have developed an electronic device which helps in satisfying the craving of smoking. Though it is not beneficial for our body either, it contains very less chemicals as compared to the traditional cigarettes.

Cigarettes are composed of many harmful chemicals which can trigger various kinds of imbalances in the body. Some of the most harmful chemicals are:

  • Acetaldehyde, Acrylonitrile, 1, 2-Aminonaphthalene, Benzene: These are among a few of the harmful carcinogens that are present in the cigarettes and get deposited in the body of smoker for a very long time.
  • Ammonia: It is a very harmful chemical for human body. All living organisms produce ammonia in the form of fecal waste. It is responsible for an instant rise in the blood pressure of the smoker.
  • Acetone: This chemical is held responsible for damage to kidney and liver. The damage caused is so severe that it may result in cancer.
  • Butyraldehyde: It is referred to as the major cause of lung cancer as it slowly damages the inner linings of lungs and nose of the smoker followed by persistent breathing problems.
  • Carbon Monoxide: Excessive exposure to carbon monoxide is poisonous. Its intake in the form of smoke and vapor effects the normal functioning of heart and brain.
  • Lead, Toluene: This chemical is the most hazardous material found in the cigarette as it can cause the permanent brain damage. Intake of lead also causes mutation in hormones which can be passed to offspring resulting in mutated or abnormal child.

All these health havocs can be avoided by quitting smoking. While most find quitting smoking difficult, many have opted for electronic cigarettes in the recent past that provides the same feel as smoking a traditional cigarette without the resulting health damages.

Vaping is a technology in which the smokers use a rechargeable electronic cigarette. These cigarettes release small amounts of nicotine and other ingredients in the form of aerosol vapors. It is now proved that these e-cigarettes satisfy the craving equally and are less harmful than a real cigarette. Not just the amount of chemicals, e-cigarettes are cheaper to use as well. An average person spends up to $2000 a year on smoking. With this rechargeable device, you need to spend less than a quarter of this a year.

Though vaping is a lot less harmful than smoking, people should avoid practicing the both. A regular exercise schedule and healthy lifestyle can help you to quit smoking and live a long and healthy life.