Popular Types Of Hearing Loss

There are many types of hearing loss that can occur in an individual over a period of time. Generally, there are three basic types of loss including conductive hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss, and mixed hearing loss. These types of hearing loss are categorized by the part of the auditory system which is damaged, and are accompanied with the varying degrees of loss in the ear.


This type of hearing loss occurs when the inner ear nerves become damaged, often resulting in the damage of the hair cells within the cochlea. Sensorineural loss is the most common type of hearing loss, and is most often caused by aging. As we age, the inner ear nerves and sensory cells gradually die, leading to a sensorineural hearing loss. Causes such as noise exposure, injury, disease, and drugs can also result in this type of hearing loss as well.


Conductive hearing loss occurs in either the outer or middle ear, when sound waves are not able to carry all the way through to the inner ear. The sound is not conducted efficiently through the ear canal or eardrum of the middle ear, which results in reduced loudness of sound being received. Some common causes of conductive hearing loss include ear infection, middle ear fluid, wax build-up, and perforation of the eardrum. Most of this hearing loss can be treated medically or surgically if diagnosed quickly.


Mixed hearing loss results from both conductive and sensorineural components. This is caused usually when people who may have a sensorineural hearing loss develop a conductive component in addition to this original loss, resulting in a mixed hearing loss

Audiological testing is extremely critical for identifying hearing loss and determine a proper solution to fit the extent of damage done. Hearing aids are often available, as are many alternatives to hearing aids, that can help to significantly improve the daily life of an individual experiencing a hearing loss.