Common Types of Home Additions

Home additions offer great flexibility than one may think, both in capacity and outline. There are many types of home additions to consider. Regarding building costs, depending upon the type of home addition you choose, you can expect to pay from the low 5 figures to a price tag more costly than the cost of the main house.

Following are some common types of home additions:

1. Traditional Room:

Traditional room home addition contains single or multiple rooms that are attached onto one or more sides of the existing house. A room addition could be as simple as adding an additional bedroom. Mostly, a room addition includes more than one room. Building a home addition is a significant construction project, as it's similar to building a home. Building a home addition includes constructing a building structure from the ground up and attaching it into the existing house.

2. Garage Conversion:

The garage conversion is a type of home addition that includes converting a garage into a living space. A garage conversion is cheaper to do than building on a room addition since the rooftop and the building structure are already set up. Also, electrical work is already routed in, but you may need to include more switches and outlets. Additionally, in some garages the walls are already drywalled and insulated. The main concern is that your garage is lost when converting it into finished living space. A home with a garage is easier to sell than a home without one.

3. Bump out Additions:

A bump out addition doesn't usually create a separate room. Instead it sufficiently lets you to expand an existing room. This kind of home addition is suitable for increasing the size of a bathroom or a kitchen. These additions require additional roofing. Bump out additions are mostly supported on posts or piers, versus a complete foundation.

Most bump out additions are genuinely small, so the overall cost of these additions equals a really high cost per square foot.

4. Sun Room Additions:

Sun room home addition is a decent approach to make more living space on a limited budget. Additional costs can be saved on sun room home additions if it is designed for three season use.

There are also some companies that build pre-manufactured sun room additions that are economical to attach to your home.

5. Conservatory Additions:

A conservatory is a type of home addition is meant more for flora and plants than for people. It contains a considerable measure of glass and can be built as a three or four season room.

So before deciding to sell your existing home and purchasing a bigger one to acquire finished living space, thoroughly explore the different types of home additions and cost out one to see the how much you could spare in the long run.