How Has Fashion Changed in Recent Years?

Fashion has always been a fickle friend. What’s “in” this season may be completely out of style the next, and everyone remembers flipping through scrapbooks and seeing photos of their parents in ridiculous outfits with outrageous hair! From poodle skirts to grunge, fashion has gone through countless reincarnations, but sometimes they’re hard to see until a decade or so after. So, how has fashion been changing recently? This article will point out a few different ways.


The 90’s were a bit of an unusual time for fashion where combat boots, torn clothes, and smudged eyeliner took the world by storm. Grunge was becoming all the rage and the more one looked like they had just woken up from a nice nap in a dumpster, the more they conformed with the trend. Plaids, flannels, blacks, chains, and big heavy boots were all en vogue, which was all a stark change from the bright colors and fun-loving patterns of the 80’s. This era was rather unlike any that have yet come before, and one of its main tenants was the rejection of the mainstream or accepted way of dressing, acting, or generally doing things. Grunge became more than a fashion, but a genre of music and an overall lifestyle. It also paved the way for the similar “emo” culture of the 2000’s.


The 2000’s were a time for fake fur, bohemian style flowy skirts, metallics, and tie dye. There was little unification in the early 2000’s, with most people’s fashion being just a mashup of bohemian styles, styles from the 90’s, and styles with a more futuristic or technological edge. There was also a very brief period of disco revival that didn’t end up catching on in full force. Low waisted, distressed-denim jeans became hugely popular, as well as large hoop earrings and aviator sunglasses. The mid 2000’s saw a brief 80’s throwback period in which teenage girls would raid their mother’s closets for neon colors, animal prints, and slap bracelets. In the later 2000’s, skinny jeans had taken the fashion world by storm and the emo style of music and dress became increasingly popular with teenagers. This style was highly reminiscent of grunge in terms of its fashion and the way it fit into the larger picture as a lifestyle inspired by a genre of music. Dark colored hoodies, eyeliner, flat-ironed black hair, checkerboard Vans sneakers and band T-shirts were all popular with this group.


The first half of this decade has exhibited a fondness for all things vintage or retro. Common styles are often borrowed from previous decades, like the high-waisted pants and swimwear of the 50’s, platform shoes and sheath dresses of the 70’s, and pill box hats going down the runways. Where the fashion of the 2000’s was largely futuristic and forward looking, this decade’s fashion seems to have a fascination with borrowing from the past. Of course, it may the case that the 10’s just need a little time to warm up and come into their own to start producing their own unique fashion statements, but only time will tell!