Popular Types of Fitness Centers

Health and fitness awareness are surging in the US. And, right along with this dramatic increase in fitness engagement is a significant rise in the number and types of fitness centers. For every fitness niche and for every pocketbook, there is a center where Americans can pursue their desired fitness regimen with great equipment, in safe environments with capable trainers and instructors at surprisingly affordable prices. The fitness center industry is competitive and we all benefit from that!

Diverse and Flexible Fitness Centers

With the array of licensed, certified fitness centers throughout the US, there is no reason to join a center that fails to meet your goals and pocketbook. From broad-based fitness centers to specialty centers, if you know what you want, you can train along with members who share common disciplines and with trainers and instructors qualified in your concentration.

Aerobic Centers

For good reason, aerobic centers are booming across the country. If you desire to improve your cardiovascular health, this could be the right fit. Aerobic centers provide qualified and certified instructors who lead classes and teach technique across a number of exercise classes, including yoga, dance, kick boxing, martial arts, muscle toning and flexibility.

Many aerobic centers supplement their class offerings with cardiovascular equipment like stationary bikes, treadmills, stair climbers and elliptical trainers. While aerobic centers offer different amenities, the most important consideration has to be you and your specific goals. While aerobic centers are typically popular with females, more and more men are joining.

Yoga Centers

It seems that yoga centers used to be almost exclusively female oriented but today that is far from case. Yoga centers or studios offer different classes depending upon the member’s experience, technique and desired style. Important techniques can be studied and learned that help members master focus, peace of mind, increased flexibility, improved breathing, relief of stress and anxiety. Learning to achieve mental and physical relaxation takes practice but what a reward!

Most yoga centers offer convenient classes that range in size and match participants with the instructors experienced at the specific level. Because they cater to the public many center offer surprising class schedules that are convenient for active workers.

Dance Centers

Dance provides many physical and mental benefits. Dance improves cardiovascular health, flexibility, structural strength, balance, coordination and is just plain fun. From high energy dance like Zumba to more traditional dance classes with partners, dance centers have never been so popular. Aided by popular programming like Dancing With the Stars, Americans are taking to dance clubs in high numbers.

Many dance classes, but not all, a partner is required. Many dance clubs furnish partners while others cater to married and friendly couples. Memberships at dance centers are often the perfect complement to an overall fitness program.

Pilates Centers

The popularity of Pilates centers has been astounding. Pilates seems to incorporate ideal mental and physician attributes that encourage the healthy mind, healthy body fitness approach.

Pilates emphasizes seven core principles:

1. Proper Alignment

2. Centering

3. Concentration

4. Control

5. Precision

6. Breathing

7. Flowing movement

This type exercise also has numerous levels of difficulty. Pilates enthusiasts are passionate but in many rural areas, Pilates centers are rare.


Most gyms concentrate on strength training. Gyms typically offer excellent equipment including free weights, dumbbells, weight machines and other tools used to strengthen muscles. If your focus is on strength, gyms may be your best bet but we always recommend other forms of exercise like walking or jogging to complete your fitness training.

Today, many fitness centers incorporate aspects of all these individual entities.