What Are the Most Expensive Clothing Brands?

Clothing is a necessity for everyone, but some people can take it way overboard. What was once a simple way to fill a basic human need has grown to become a way to express one’s individuality, stand out from the crowd, and even attract other people, and all that comes with a price. Some price tags are heftier than others though, and these brands top the list.


This powerhouse of high fashion dominates the runway and the red carpet alike each season. Its expensive eveningwear is popular with women across the world and highly sought after, securing its #10 spot in the list of the world’s most expensive clothing brands.


Based in Italy, Versace makes styles for both men and women and has a reputation for being a top trendsetter. In recent years it has expanded out from clothing design and now maintains branches specializing in accessories, makeup, and even high-end furniture!


Guess is an American brand, renowned for its denim work and luxury jeans. This brand’s casual line of t-shirts and jeans is popular among young adults and teenagers backed by their parents bank accounts.


Ranking in the #7 slot, Dior is an elegant, sophisticated fashion house known for its modern designs and quality workmanship. They manufacture clothing, handbags, sunglasses, accessories, and perfume - all of which impart the owner with a sense of prestige and status.

Marc Jacobs

Despite maintaining a manufacturing plant in China to save on labor costs, Marc Jacobs remains one of the most expensive brands of clothing available in the world today. Jewelry, handbags, shoes, and perfume are all produced by this brand.


Right in the middle of the top ten ranks Armani. Now a household name, Armani is one of the most popular clothing brands worldwide. Few houses come close to the range of products that Armani offers. From suits to jeans to fragrances, and even a line for children, this versatile brand really does it all.

Dolce and Gabbana

D&G is an Italian company that produces high fashion clothing for both men and women. Their designs are often recognizable for their bold style, exciting prints, and willingness to experiment with textures.


Along with Marc Jacobs, Prada also outsources part of its production to China. Nevertheless, they are the third most expensive clothing line in the world right now. Prada’s clothing is hugely popular among the young and fashion-forward and those who work within the industry with a little disposable income to spare. Its designs are reputed for being both trendy and comfortable, a difficult balance to strike.


Founded by French beauty, Coco Chanel, this brand has only grown in popularity over the past few decades. One of the favorites of celebrities, Chanel is a world-renowned brand whose styles appeal to the young and adventurous.


The number one most expensive clothing brand in the world is Gucci. Always luxurious and stylish, this Italian house’s clothing and accessories for men and women are always made with strict attention to detail and a high demand for quality.