Lung Cancer - A Hazardous Disease For Humans

Today we are living in an era where humans are developing rapidly but so are the health havocs. Some of the diseases are curable, some can be prevented but a few are unstoppable. These diseases are taking a toll on the healthy growth of human race and leaving behind pain, loss and suffering. Cancer is one of the most common diseases these days and the number affected is on the rise due to a number of different reasons.

Cancer is the disease which occurs when the human body is exposed to extensive chemical reactions, harmful radiation or in case of a genetic imbalance. These factors cause an abnormal growth of cells present in human body. Unlike normal cells which are destroyed after a certain period of time, cancer cells multiply themselves and keep spreading in other parts of the body as well. These mutated cells cause imbalance in human body thus making the person sick.

Some of the most feared cancer types include lung cancer, blood cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, and oral cancer to name a few. A few of the types are inevitable but others can really be prevented. For example, the most common cause of lung cancer is smoking, chewing tobacco and excessive exposure to pollution. A high percentage of people these days smoke and small efforts against the same can provide amazing results in the fight against cancer.

When a person’s lungs are affected with cancer cells, they get several respiratory problems. These problems are very painful and difficult to cure. Some of the common symptoms of lung cancer are:

  • Persistent Cough: If the cough persists for two or three weeks and becomes worse with each passing day, then it could be a symptom of early stage for lung cancer. People who experience this symptom should consult a medical examiner without any haste.
  • Presence of Blood in Cough: Cancer cells cause inflammation in the inner lining of lungs and bronchitis, which results in internal wounds and bleeding. Generally people cough out blood, while suffering from blood cancer, but it can also be a symptom of other diseases. Again consulting a doctor is the best way forward.
  • Difficulty Breathing: Unless you are suffering from any known breathing problem, don’t jump on the conclusion that it cannot be due to cancer. Difficulty in breathing is a most common symptom of lung cancer which is often followed by wheezing. It makes the person feel suffocated most of the times and causes pain in the chest while breathing.
  • Loss of Appetite: People suffering from lung cancer are often less hungry than usual as all their attention is diverted to the pain and breathlessness. This eventually makes them weaker and decreases their immunity.
  • Vocal Changes: The vocals of the person are also affected. It is further followed by swelling on neck, face and chest.

So if you observe the above symptoms in your or any of the loved one’s body, don’t waste any further time to consult a specialist. Cancer is curable at early stages. A delay in cure may prove to be fatal.