Vehicle Maintenance Tips

A vehicle is without doubt one of the most important investment. If you would like to reduce the risk of break down, you should have your car serviced regularly as per the manufacturer’s specification and schedule. Regular maintenance will also help you to save a lot of money in repair cost. On top of the regular maintenance, there are some simple checks that will ensure that you enjoy a safe and worry-free motoring.


It is important to understand the right tire pressure of the car. Be sure to check them at least every 2 weeks using a good gauge. You should also check the tire condition and tread. Confirm whether there are any cuts on the sidewalls. If there is a tire that requires regular top-ups, there are chances that it has slow puncture. You should also not forget to check the spare, too.


You should confirm the location of the basic toolkit from the handbook. This should at least contain a jack and tools for wheel removal. Ensure that you are familiar with the jacking points that are used to lift the car safely. If there are locking wheel nuts, you should ensure that the toolkit include the removal tools.

Engine oil

Before you go on a long journey, check the dipstick around once every two weeks. Ensure that the filter and oil are changed at the recommended interval of service. Use only the oil of correct specification. If the car is consuming a lot of oil, this could indicate an engine problem.


Check coolant level and ensure that you top up if necessary. However, you should only do this when the engine is cold. Ensure that the antifreeze concentration is checked prior to winter. Antifreeze is important as it helps to prevent build-up of corrosion in the cooling system and it also stops coolant freezing and therefore it is essential all year around.


With time, the wiper blades will wear down and when they become worn, they will smear the windshield. You should replace these at least once per year if you are to be assured of the best performance.

Screen wash

You should check and top the screen wash regularly as it is a legal requirement that the system should work. Be sure to use a good screen wash additive during summer and winter, as water alone will freeze and can’t clear oily road grime.


You should check the windshield regularly for sign of stone damage as this could cause distractions and impair vision. The minor chips could grow causing the glass to crack, but a windshield specialist can repair most of them.

Wash the car once per week

Washing the car does not only keep it clean and shiny, but it also helps to protect it from corrosion. You should also remember to clean the interior of the car too. Use a soft moist cloth to wipe the lenses on the dashboard. With these vehicle maintenance tips, it is possible to keep your auto in top shape and prevent breakdowns.