Common Causes of Mold in Homes

Molds are types of fungi. They grow in the natural habitat. Mold particles are found everywhere in indoor as well as outdoor. Various building materials provide food that can help mold growth. Moisture is the major cause of mold growth.

Following are some common causes of mold in homes:

1. Humidity:

If the weather has been humid for some days consecutively you may notice mold beginning to grow in your home. When it rains for many days it's particularly common to see mold start to grow on walls, seats and different surfaces because of the wet air.

If you live where humidity in the air is high, like by the coast or another extensive waterway, then mold growth in your home can also be a repeating problem.

2. Leaking Pipes:

A common cause of mold growth is water leaks from pipes. Undetected leaks are the worst leaks because they are out of view, similar to inside a wall. When you find these leaks mold has mostly started to grow already.

3. Leaks in Roof:

Like some leaking pipes, a roof that leaks into the attic may not be found until it's already lead to mold growth. The best thing to do is to check the attic frequently for leaks and watch out for the ceiling below the attic. If you see any indications of water damage on the roof or any mold that has grown through then you likely have a leaking roof.

4. Condensation:

Condensation is created due to cold surfaces in your home. Condensation collects on cold metal pipes and also on cold concrete floors, regardless of the possibility that there is carpet over the top, and on walls. Places like these where condensation happens are main spots for mold growth.

5. Poor Ventilation:

Poor ventilation can create pockets of stationary damp air in which mold grows well. Humidity is created due to steam and water evaporating into the air, which then needs to be circulated outside through windows to keep the moisture level balanced.

6. Wet Clothes:

If you leave clothes wet for a long time in your house, mold can grow on them as well as on other different surfaces because of the dampness wet clothes release into your home. Wet clothes kept in a pile waiting to be washed for over a day can prompt mold growth. Garments left wet for over a day in the wake of being washed may also end up nurturing mold.

7. Flooding:

It is inevitable that some mold issues will develop after your home has been affected by flooding. Obviously your house will be wet for quite a while during a flood, taking days or even weeks to dry out. Since mold only needs a proper surface to be wet for a few hours before to it can grow, this means there is a risk of mold growth.