Tips to Minimize Road Rage

The agitation of the road is admittedly very, very frustrating at its worst. While some drivers are able to grit their teeth and deal with frustrating on-road situations, others simply can’t control themselves in the face of this aggravation, venting their frustration through anger on the road—commonly referred to as road rage. Many who are subjected to bouts of road rage—from other drivers, as well as their own actions—will commonly refer back to the incident with relative humor and carelessness. However, the truth behind these road rage incidents is much more troubling then these drivers assume, as his or her vehicle and life, as well as those of others on the road, are endangered whenever they are exposed to road rage of any kind. This rage causes rash decisions to be made, and these rash decisions from behind the wheel commonly lead to accidents. Accordingly, for quite a few reasons, it’s important that one work to minimize road rage. Let’s take a look at some helpful tips to do just that!

Count to Twenty

This tip might seem like one that is commonly told to young children to prevent outbursts of anger, but the truth is that it is very helpful at curbing road rage behind the wheel. Whenever one feels like he or she is about to explode in anger, yell in frustration, or at the worst, drive erratically due to rage, he or she should initiate a “countdown” (or up). Before another word is spoken or another action is performed (outside of normal driving) one should count to or down from the number twenty. This time will allow most drivers to calm down and regain control over the situation. The trick to its effectiveness is consistency—count to twenty as described EVERY time road rage is at risk of occurring.

Play Calming and Soothing Music

Calming and soothing music will admittedly vary from person-to-person (depending on his or her personal preferences), but it’s best that one play music that is calming to him or her when there’s a good chance that road rage will be possible (rush hour on a hot summer day, for instance). While it isn’t the end all of road rage prevention and minimization, this calm and soothing music will help to remind one to remain balanced and focused—unlike fast-paced rock and roll, which may encourage the road rage, and no music, which will likely have no effect on the possible rage.

Remember: It’s Only Temporary

Whether an angry driver cut-off one’s vehicle, gave him or her “the finger”, or both, it’s important to remember that this drive—and this anger—are temporary sensations. Before long, this rude and inconsiderate driver will be gone, and the targeted destination will be reached. Frankly, a single rude driver or bad driving situation isn’t worth getting bent out of shape over, at the best, or causing a serious accident over, at the worst. Before long, this drive and this rude driver will be nothing more than a miniscule mark on one’s life—provided that road rage is contained.

The above tips, when utilized together, will certainly help one to minimize road rage. He or she, along with everyone on the road, will be both safer and happier—and that’s a pretty awesome thing!