Types of Equipment You Can Rent

If you own a construction business or handle construction material, you may require a temporary machine. Whatever your needs may be, renting is always a wise option. There are a wide range of construction machines that are available for rental and these include:

Cold planer

This is also referred to as a “pavement planer.” This is a machine that is used for removing asphalt milling or bituminous pavement from roadways resulting in a kind of rough surface that can be used by traffic. A rotating head passes on the pavement at an extra slope or depth. The surface of the roadway is bitten and torn away by the head. The material that is removed from the surface can be in a dump truck using a conveyor or can be put somewhere to be recycled at a later date.

Vibratory rollers

Vibratory rollers are used for compacting soil, concrete, asphalt, concrete or gravel during roads and foundation construction. It helps to to ensure that the surface becomes smooth. These are commonly used to compact pavements made of asphalt as they are able to achieve the required densities fast.

Pneumatic tired roller

These machines are used on compaction jobs of small to medium size particularly in materials that are granular or bladed. One benefit of the machines is that the bridging effect between the tires is reasonably little. They are at times known as “proof” rollers. The machines can also be used for both asphalt and soil. This means that when building a road, you can use one compactor for the two construction stages-base and asphalt.

Concrete plant

This is a machine that is used for combining various ingredients to create concrete. The ingredients may include water, sand, aggregate (gravel, rocks etc) potash, cement and fly ash. The concrete plants may either be the central mix or the mix plants. The concrete plant may also have various parts and accessories such as the cement batchers, conveyors, aggregate batchers, aggregate bins, heaters, batch plant control, dust collectors and cement bins. The mixer is at the center of the concrete batching plant. Mixers are of 3 types. These are the twin shaft mixer, tilt and pan. The twin shaft mixer is effective in mixing large outputs and concrete while the tilt mixer is good in providing a consistent mix that requires less labor.

Padded drum compactor

These are commonly used on compact soil, concrete, asphalt or gravel in construction of roads and foundations.

Crushing machines

The crusher is a machine that is used to reduce the large rocks into small ones, rock dust or gravel. They can help to reduce size or change form to enable their easy disposal or recycling.


This machine uses impact instead of pressure to crush the material. The material is put in a cage that has the opening of the right size to enable the pulverized material escape. The crusher is usually used with material that is soft and non-abrasive such as seeds, coal, limestone or soft metallic ores.