Best Types of Hiking and Outdoor Boots

Hiking boots are an investment that any outdoor enthusiast will expect a lot from. They need to be durable but comfortable, long-lasting, have great traction, keep moisture out, and maybe even look a bit stylish. Superior hiking boots are made of quality materials that will last and last, so that customers don’t have to waste their time and money breaking in pair after pair. The right pair of outdoor boots will suit the wearer’s feet, budget, and hiking ambitions, whether it be a day hike or a cross country venture.

Asolo TPS 535

The TPS 535 by Asolo is available in sizes and styles for both women and men. The upper is made of a durable, full grain, smooth leather material and the sole is Vibram technology for maximum traction. It is designed for day trips rather than multi-day backpacking trips, so it is not rigidly stiff and can likely be broken in over the course of a few day hikes. The downside to this particular pair is that they have no waterproof liner, so the wearer will need to apply his or her own waterproofing agent to the exterior of the boot.

Merell Wilderness Original

The Wilderness Original boot could be seen by some as Merell’s attempt as a brand to push back against the gradual move the camping gear industry is taking toward ultralight products. This is by no means an ultralight shoe. The Wilderness Original is a traditional hiking boot that features Norwegian welt stitching, a full grain leather exterior and leather interior lining. It is quite heavy, but is widely loved for its astonishing ability to mold to a wearer’s foot with unparalleled precision and comfort. This boot is also without a waterproof liner, so a sealant of some type will need to be applied periodically. After a thorough period of breaking this pair in, any hiker will feel like they’re walking on a cloud, no matter the length of the trip.

Vasque Sundowner

This boot is the uncontested fan favorite out of all the boots that Basque produces. It is a staple in the hiking community and was, at one time, the single most popular footwear along the length of the Appalachian trail. Quite an accomplishment for a pair of boots! It features a Gore-Tex waterproof lining to keep out all moisture, a dense foot bed to provide ample support, multiple width availability to accommodate the feet of most hikers, and rave reviews from customers across the world attesting to its comfort.

Lowa Renegade II Mid GTX

This one is for all the light and ultra light packers out there. The entire Renegade series by Lowa features many different styles of lightweight, flexible hiking boots that prove you don’t need to be heavy and stiff to provide long-lasting comfort and durable protection. They have a solid midsole for maximum support and stability, and excellent shock absorption. The pliant materials ensure that Renegade boots will fit comfortably right out of the box.