Finding the Best Deal on a Car Rental

The rate of the car rental may look good but after getting the final bill, you might end up getting shocked. You might get fees, charges and taxes for things ranging from an additional driver to airport concession charges to satellite radio to refilling the gas tank. These fees can cause a big surprise if you do not understand how to go about the car rental business before you can rent. You need to go through the fine print before you leave the parking lot.

Before you start, you should contact the auto insurance agent to ensure that your current policy covers you when renting. Collision and loss insurance can be some of the hugest cost when renting a car. By choosing to avoid the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), you can save you a lot of money on rentals in the U.S. You should accept the LDW if your current car insurance doesn’t cover a possible claim of loss of use (LOU) by rental company. You should also go through guides to membership clubs such as AAA if a member to see the benefit package of the frequent flier program or your credit card. You may get discounts from these memberships, insurance coverage or even the provision for waiver of some fees like extra driver charges.

Consider renting away from the airport to make some savings if you do not mind the little inconvenience that may come with this option. Car rental companies that are based at the airport usually pay a concession fee to airports and part of this cost is passed to their customers. The airport authorities also charge taxes on the car rental. You may also benefit from cheaper prices from the local rental companies that are found away from prime locations such as airports and hotels. You should bear in mind that the local offices rarely operate 24 hours a day and there may be a restriction on mileage. You must get the time and cost involved when getting to local agency and compares this with the convenience of renting from the major locations.

Find out the drop off policies of the company as it may have a hefty charge for drop-offs or one-way rentals when it is at a different location. There are certain popular destinations (such as Florida) where the companies allow the customer to be picked at one airport and be dropped in another at no extra charge. Another alternative is to try and request the credit for frequent fliers. You will only be charged a little fee to process the mileage.

Before going, you should carry out a research on the price for local gas. You can search these using tools such as or You should compare the local prices with the refill price that is being offered by a rental company. You should bear in mind that the refill rate is for the full tank of gas no matter the amount of gas that remains when you take back the car. This is why it is important to make a wise decision before you leave their lot. Consider choosing the gas from the rental company. This will remove the hassle of having to search for gas when you return the auto. If you return the car while the tank is less than full tank, the price of the rental company’s price of topping it off will likely double the street price.