How to Get Designer Eyewear for Low Prices

A trip to the optometrist can be an expensive one once all the costs are added up. The eye exam, frames, lenses, coatings, and all the bells and whistles the salesperson will be pushing are all sold at a significant markup and can end up costing the consumer much more than they bargained for. Avoiding this pressured environment and all the upselling could not be simpler though, just buy online! Eyeglasses may at first seem like something that needs to be tried on and bought in person, but the reality is that they’re just as easy (and much cheaper) to buy online. All that’s needed is your prescription, and you could be well on your way to designer glasses with all the luxury coatings and optional add ons for more than half the price!

How are they so cheap?

The vast majority of eyeglass frames and lenses sold in the US are actually manufactured overseas for pennies on the dollar. The reason they get so expensive is because the businesses who sell them tack on markups for profit, to cover the cost of employee salaries, rental space, designer licensing, and many other little things. An online business contracts directly to the factories, so they’re able to get them at a much better price. They also have very little overhead with no rent to pay and fewer employees, so they are able to pass that savings on to the consumer with a much smaller markup.

What’s so great about online glasses sites?

Aside from the remarkable cost difference, web-based eyeglasses stores have a much greater selection than could be found inside a typical Lens Crafters or even a more high-end luxury eyeglasses store. While browsing, there is no pressure to make a decision quickly, like customers may feel in a crowded shop. There is plenty of time to make the right decision. Also, in-person shops rarely have their prices prominently displayed. The total for frames, lenses, and add ons is often completely obscured until the customer is standing at the till, card in hand. This is no accident, of course, but online the experience is completely different. Prices are listed on each page as customers make their selections, and users can even sort results to eliminate those outside of their price range. An updated total will be shown after all decisions are made but before payment is requested, so there is always time to graciously back out or make a change to the order without the awkwardness that might entail in-person.

What if I don’t like them?

Online eyeglasses retailers go out of their way to ensure customers will be satisfied with the pair they pick, often employing tools where customers can upload their own photos of themselves, enter some basic data, and virtually “try on” any pair of glasses on the website. Nevertheless, these companies often offer very lenient return policies to ensure that their customers are satisfied. Make sure to be aware of the particular company’s return policy before buying, and if you’re not completely satisfied, just send them back!