How to Find a Senior Care Advisor

Senior care advisors can be a valuable resource for families deciding how best to proceed with the care of an aging loved one. Aging can be a stressful process already, and coupled with a change of environment or loss of independence, it can be a very trying time for an entire family. Senior care advisors help navigate family members through that time in the best way possible. They can help families find the best place for their aging loved ones as well as work through the feelings that come about as a result of that decision.

Care Advice

The primary purpose of senior care advisors is to help clients find the most suitable place for themselves or their loved ones to continue the aging process. They will take into account the amount of care the individual needs, the monthly budget available, service and amenities important to the client, and other personal preferences. They are very skilled at researching local facilities, setting up tours, and matching the client’s needs to the offerings of a particular older adult housing option. They are sort of like a real estate agent in this capacity, albeit one specialized to suit the needs of aging adults.

Emotional Support

Senior care advisors know better than most how stressful the moving process can be on families, and they do their best to make the transition as smooth as possible. They will never recommend transfer to a place that the client is not comfortable with. A good advisor will do everything within his or her power to ensure the continued comfort and care of the individual is maintained at the highest level possible so that they can continue living a happy and healthy life. They may also be able to work through some of the anxiety of moving to a senior facility with the loved one and familiarize them with the whole process so that they have less to fear and more to look forward to during the transition.

Where to Find A Senior Care Advisor

There are many websites online that offer free Senior Care Advising services, such as or These advisors may work either locally or remotely with client families. Some larger hospitals may also employ senior care advisors to help families find the right place for their loved ones after a hospitalization or when a doctor recommends that their loved one be moved into an assisted care facility or nursing home due to their medical condition. Individual nursing homes and assisted living facilities may also provide this service, though families should be wary of those employed by one place or the other, as they may be biased toward their own company. The position may only exist as a way to funnel people in who think that they are receiving objective advice, so it’s best to go with an independent advisor who is unaffiliated with any one housing service.