How To Find An STD Clinic

When a person suspects they may have an STD, it is imperative that they get tested as soon as possible. This prevents them from spreading the disease to others and ensures that treatment can begin immediately to minimize the negative effects of the illness. There are many reliable methods of finding an STD clinic where a person can be tested and receive treatment, including online searches.

Your Doctor

The simplest way to be tested for STDs is to visit the doctor’s office and request STD tests. Although your medical practitioner will not perform these tests unless specifically asked to, they can do so and thereby prevent the need to find a local STD clinic. An alternative is also to ask your medical practitioner if they have a recommendation of an STD clinic if you prefer to be tested at a specialist center.

Medical Specialists

Instead of visiting your general physician for STD testing or requesting clinic information from them, it is also possible to do the same with a medical specialist. Women in particular can receive testing or help finding an STD clinic from their midwife or gynecologist.

Health Department

In cases where a person prefers to have their STD testing conducted at a separate clinic without the knowledge of their doctor, or anyone else, it can help to contact the local health department. Many counties have affordable or free STD clinics that are confidential and anonymous. It is also possible to find a clinic through national health organizations, such as the CDC.

Public Hospitals

Before searching for a specialist online, consider contact your local public hospital. In many cases they will have a non-emergency clinic available. It may be a specialized STD clinic or it may simply be a non-emergency clinic. Even if the hospital does not offer this service on site, they will most likely have a list of STD clinics within the surrounding area.

Urgent Care Clinics

In addition to public hospitals, urgent care clinics tend to also offer STD clinics on site, or at least the ability to have STD tests conducted at their location. These facilities are also usually more affordable than visiting the emergency room and may be covered by insurance.

Planned Parenthood

Those who have a Planned Parenthood near them automatically have an STD clinic. In addition to providing information and contraception, Planned Parenthood also offers affordable STD testing, with scaled fees that allow those of all income levels to receive anonymous testing.

Online Searches

A final method of finding an STD clinic is to do an online search. This can be done via a standard search engine or on the official website for your local health organizations. An online search may sometimes be necessary depending on the area of the country a person lives in and the amount they can afford to pay for testing. There are also many options to find free STD clinics or anonymous ones, depending on a person’s needs.