Top Hazards to Road Safety

More than being solely stressful, driving is a potentially dangerous undertaking. Although most drivers don’t think about it when entering a vehicle, there truly are quite a few hazards that could lead to automobile damage, and/or physical harm. Accordingly, drivers—as well as passengers—should be informed and aware of the top hazards to road safety, to know what to avoid doing while driving, and which drivers and general hazards to look out for. Let’s take a look at some of these top hazards to road safety.


Heavy rainfall can cause even the most seasoned of drivers to be involved in an accident, or at the very least, nervous about the driving experience. From the immediately limited visibility created by the rain itself, to the reflection of light through the water on the ground, as well as headlight reflections (at night) and the risk of hydroplaning, driving in the rain isn’t something that should be taken lightly. To reduce the danger of the situation, one should be sure to remain calm and remember that even if one side of the road isn’t visible (due to oncoming traffic lights, heavy rainfall, etc.) that the other side—specifically the divider in the road—will serve as a temporarily accurate guiding point. Basically, if one’s vehicle is properly spaced in relation to a center yellow line, the other side will be properly aligned as well, even if it’s not visible. Remember to slow down, remain calm, and avoid using the gas or the brake when hydroplaning, to make it through a rainy driving episode in good form. Additionally, avoiding rainy driving (when possible) is highly recommended!


Potholes are a major hazard to road safety for most drivers. Most areas in the world have at least some potholes on their roads, and while annoying and perhaps slightly dangerous, these potholes rarely cause accidents in and of themselves. Instead, drivers who aren’t paying attention to the road will become startled when passing over a pothole, swerving, slamming the brakes, or somehow creating a dangerous traffic situation which will likely lead to an accident. To avoid being involved in an accident due to a pothole(s), one should always keep his or her eyes on the road to look out for oncoming potholes—avoiding running them over when possible, but maintaining a steady hold on the steering wheel when it’s not.

Other (Bad) Drivers

Bad drivers make up the final portion of the top hazards to road safety. It should be noted that most drivers are both careful and “good”, but as the saying goes, “It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch”. Accordingly one will have to actively watch for bad driving and drivers, amongst all of those who occupy the road. From ridiculous turns to speeding, and slamming the brakes to simply disobeying traffic laws, bad drivers can wreck vehicles and ruin lives. To avoid being afflicted by these bad drivers, one must actively look out for them on the road, hanging back or speeding up (or changing streets entirely) when possible. Moreover, following traffic laws and driving courteously—assuring that one is a good driver—will sizably reduce the risk of being impacted by bad drivers.

The above hazards to road safety shouldn’t be taken lightly, but shouldn’t be stressed over, either; once the proper safety steps have been taken, and one is driving as carefully as possible, there isn’t much else left to do but enjoy the drive and when the opportunity presents itself, educate other drivers. Be safe and remember to enjoy driving whenever possible!