Types of Trade Schools

Many people do not realize just how many different kinds of trade schools there are out there. As a general rule, there is a trade school or program for almost any interest or aspiration. From cooking to carpentry to cosmetology, the options are nearly endless!

The most well-known type of trade school is the Skilled Trades school. This is the typical trade school that most people think of. They typically offer programs in the automotive, electrical, and plumbing fields as well as carpentry and welding. There are also automotive-specific trade schools that offer courses in all sorts of specialties.

Another common type is the Technology Trade school. In these institutions, students learn about computer programming, game development, information technology, and cyber security. Nearly every modern business utilizes some degree of information technology, so graduates of these programs are almost universally in demand.

There are also Health Care schools that train students in several different aspects of healthcare to prepare for careers in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, labs, surgical centers, and pharmacies. Many of these schools provide students with real-world experience and offer support to help them pass their certification exams.

Business schools offer courses in a variety of professional skills from accounting to property management that serve as the base of knowledge for any successful business venture. Students graduate from these types of trade schools fully prepared to either start their own business or become a valuable team member of an existing business.

Culinary schools offer classes in a variety of the edible arts including cooking, baking, and making pastries. These schools prepare graduates for jobs in their own restaurants, as personal chefs, or as part of a culinary team. Of course, students may also attend to give their own personal kitchens a little boost.

For the more creative types, there are Arts and Design trade schools which teach all manner of skills such as drawing, painting, photography, filmography, sculpture, fashion design, interior design, 3D modelling, and more. Or perhaps a Media Arts school would be more fitting? There, students learn the ins and outs of sound engineering, graphic design, web design, animation, audio design, and video game design. These skills are widely in demand across many industries, so graduates have a wide umbrella to work under.

For those that wish to lead a more beautiful life, Cosmetology school may be an answer. These trade schools prepare students for careers as estheticians, makeup artists, nail technicians, and even cosmetology instructors themselves. For those who enjoy working with people and helping them find confidence and put their best foot forward on their big day, this could be a great choice!

Legal and Criminal Justice schools tirelessly train America’s next generation of paralegals, forensics analysts, and much more. They could even help students find a position in the Department of Homeland Security.

Trade schools can help anyone advance their career or start a new one. The skills they teach are useful in both professional and personal arenas. With so many different types, anyone could find a suitable program.