Wedding Dress Selection Tips

Planning a wedding presents a host of new challenges and obstacles completely unique to the wedding planning process. Not the least among these is the selection of a wedding dress! The wedding dress is often one of the most expensive purchases in the wedding budget, and certainly the most viewed. All eyes will be on the bride as she walks down the aisle in that dress, so it will need to be beautiful, flattering, and make her feel like a princess. To make sure to choose the right dress, just follow a few simple tips.

Know the Budget

The worst feeling in the world during the wedding planning process is falling in love with a dress that’s just not in the budget. Sit down before going dress shopping and nail down a concrete budget for the dress, then stick to it in the store. Although it may be tempting, don’t try on any dresses that are out of this range. Gorgeous gowns can be found in every price range, just be persistent and don’t cave in.


Not every silhouette will look good on every bride’s body. The trend that is all the range now may not be flattering at all once on. A bridal consultant or some honest friends and family can help narrow down the styles and silhouettes that look the best. Go for a flattering fit that makes the bride feel beautiful rather than the latest fashion trend that will have her looking like a snow beast on her big day.

Book Appointments Early

Bridal salons have limited resources and staff can often be stretched thin, especially if the wedding falls during a peak season like Spring. Having an appointment booked well ahead of time will give the bride peace of mind and let her formulate a clear idea of what she’s looking for in a wedding dress.

Keep An Open Mind

Sometimes, the right dress is something the bride has never even considered would look good on her. Be open to things that may seem to come out of left field, and you may be surprised with what you can find out their! Trust the bridal consultants if they want to try a different style, they are experienced and there to help! Of course, if the bride doesn’t love it, that’s that. She should never feel pressured by consultants or friends and family to choose a dress she’s not sure about.

No Rush

Take the time to try on as many styles as necessary until the bride has a good feel for what works and what doesn’t. Be mindful that the appointment may be set to end at a certain time, though, and the consultant likely has another one lined up afterward, so it may be best to reschedule and come back for a follow up appointment on another day. Brides should never feel pressured to buy that day if they are not feeling prepared to make a final decision.