Popular Women’s Apparel for Corporate Workplaces

As more and more women rise through the ranks of corporate America, women’s professional fashion is becoming a more and more relevant topic. Deciding what to wear to the office, meetings, and business dinners often presents its own unique set of challenges outside of just the work! For better or for worse, appearances are a huge part of a first impression, and how men and women are dressed will affect other people’s perceptions of them. Make sure to make the right impression with these tips!

Remember the Audience

When considering a work outfit each morning, remember the corporate culture and expectations of the company. If they have strict dress codes or guidelines, be sure to meet them. This is one area in which it is not beneficial to be “outstanding”. The outfits employees wear will all need to fit with the corporate image the company is trying to put together, and that means being as cohesive as possible. There may be more wiggle room in a creative marketing career than in that of banking, it varies from office to office, so play it by ear. Above all, strive to convey a sense of professionalism through the outfit to give clients confidence.

Mix it Up

It can be tempting to rely on the ease of shopping a few trusted designers exclusively, but adding some variety is a great way to keep a wardrobe fresh. Shopping at the same store every time will make a wardrobe feel dated and too matchy-matchy. Scoring a few items from more cutting edge brands easily gives an updated feel without going all out. Accessories like earrings, scarves, tights, and sweaters are also a great way to add a little personalization to any outfit.

Make Sure it Fits

This really should be the number one rule not just of office wear, but all clothes. The most gorgeous designer suit will look like a frumpy rag if it does not fit correctly. Every woman knows how difficult it can be to find the right size, between vanity sizing and differences between brands it can be a miracle to even find something that goes on! Perfect fit simply cannot be expected right off the rack, any outfit will need some tailoring. A good tailor can take your wardrobe from drab to fab practically overnight, so it’s worth every penny!

Go for Timeless Over Trendy

Of course, this will vary with the atmosphere of the office. A fashion firm, for example, may be an appropriate place to try out those avant-garde, right off the runway looks, but a more traditional workplace is not. It’s ok to incorporate uniqueness like prints or pops of bold color, but be careful not to look like something off the cover of a fashion magazine while at the office. Save those clothes for the evenings!

Be More Business than Casual

The term “business casual” does not include anything that would be worn lounging around the house on a Saturday afternoon. Always strive to be more business than casual. Limit denim to dark wash, neatly pressed jeans on Fridays, and for the rest of the week trade suits for slacks and neat blazers, but always be aware that an unexpected meeting or event could spring up at any time. It may be a good idea to keep a more formal change of clothes in the office, just in case.