Physical Therapy Rehab in Cleveland, OH

View the low cost occupational therapists near Cleveland, OH, and learn about physical evaluations and function restoration.

Physical Therapy Rehab Listings

American Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Center
6208 Ridge Road, Cleveland, OH 44129-4427.
American Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Center Phone Number(440) 886-6500
20370 Lorain Road, Cleveland, OH 44126-3411.
Chc Phone Number(440) 356-3213
Cleveland Therapy Center Inc
3730 Rocky River Drive Suite 6, Cleveland, OH 44111-4044.
Cleveland Therapy Center Inc Phone Number(216) 671-7607
Fairview Hospital, Physical Therapy
Cleveland, OH 44102.
Fairview Hospital, Physical Therapy Phone Number(216) 476-7180
Fairview Hospital
Cleveland, OH 44111.
Fairview Hospital Phone Number(216) 476-7180
Gold Sheldon N Pt
5500 Ridge Road Suite 115, Cleveland, OH 44129-2367.
Gold Sheldon N Pt Phone Number(216) 831-6076
Hillcrest Hospital, Physical Therapy
Cleveland, OH 44124.
Hillcrest Hospital, Physical Therapy Phone Number(440) 312-4565
Lepp Michael B P T Inc
781 Beta Drive, Cleveland, OH 44143-2356.
Lepp Michael B P T Inc Phone Number(440) 442-7111
Lutheran Hospital
Cleveland, OH 44113.
Lutheran Hospital Phone Number(216) 363-2114
Majka Physical Therapy Associates
18660 Bagley Road Suite 101A, Cleveland, OH 44130-8460.
Majka Physical Therapy Associates Phone Number(440) 234-8300
Marymount Hospital, Outpatient
5555 Transportation Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44125-5371.
Marymount Hospital, Outpatient Phone Number(216) 518-3600
McCoy Raymond L Therapst
6681 Ridge Road, Cleveland, OH 44129-5713.
McCoy Raymond L Therapst Phone Number(440) 842-4444
Medical Care Group
6208 Ridge Road, Cleveland, OH 44129-4427.
Medical Care Group Phone Number(440) 292-2535
Millennium Rehabilitation, Parma
6681 Ridge Road, Cleveland, OH 44129-5713.
Millennium Rehabilitation, Parma Phone Number(440) 842-4444
Montefiore Home Care
Cleveland, OH 44124.
Montefiore Home Care Phone Number(216) 910-2471
Novacare Outpatient Rehabilitation
731 Beta Drive, Cleveland, OH 44143-2366.
Novacare Outpatient Rehabilitation Phone Number(440) 461-2006
Novacare Rehabilitation
4330 West 150th Street Suite 2, Cleveland, OH 44135-1364.
Novacare Rehabilitation Phone Number(216) 688-0901
Novacare Rehabilitation
26151 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44132-3300.
Novacare Rehabilitation Phone Number(216) 289-9995
Pinnacle Performance Center
8555 Day Drive, Cleveland, OH 44129-5614.
Pinnacle Performance Center Phone Number(440) 885-3229
Residence Choice
20600 Chagrin Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44122-5327.
Residence Choice Phone Number(216) 751-5688
Supler Michael and Associates
1611 South Green Road Suite 36, Cleveland, OH 44121-4128.
Supler Michael and Associates Phone Number(216) 291-2277
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